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By My Love....

neither your's or mine sake!

11 October 1979
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I make music! be it an out-of-tune piano or the rapping of fingers. I live for the sounds I make heard in nature. When I walk the birds sing counterpoint to my footsteps and a crowded room I hear a fugue of different voices and conversations. Clanging glasses and children screaming, pages turning and frantic whispers, keyboards clicking a percussion to accompany the world around me! I hear it all in glorious polyphony... the full spectrum of all creation resounds in my imagination as a symphony for me alone! And it is all MY music. Sometimes I let the rest of the world hear it too. Those that are willing and able I will share with them the supreme beauty of the world I hear, be it roaring crowds or deafening silence. All the world in constant and perpetual adoration of what it means to be alive! This is my religion! Sometimes simple or sublime! But not for the World around me or the whims of a mystical god or even the calls of my brothers. but to let the world resound as if I am the only one she sings for!.. Ah!